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Rubber Flogger- 1/2" Falls

Rubber Flogger- 1/2" Falls

Black Rubber Flogger with 1/2" falls. (handle styles vary)

  • Details

    If you are looking for a flogger that has a moderate sting with its impact, this is the product for you. Smooth black rubber that is easy to keep clean and sanitary. Each fall is hand cut to 1/2". All of our handles are turned from hardwood and no two are the same. Each is a unique design.

    Falls are on average 20" in length
    Handles range from 6-8" in length and 1-2" diameter.

    You can select the number of falls you would like for your flogger. Keep in mind the fewer the falls the stingier the impact and more falls intensifies the thud of the impact.

    Picture show an example of what you can expect from your order. If you like some thing special in the pictures, please add a comment and we will try to accommodate.
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