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All of our floggers are unique designs.

This makes selling in our online shop very difficult. While we show an array of pictures of our designs here note that it is a gallery. To purchase one of our floggers we recommend you complete the inquiry form or visit us at one of the many events where we vend.

Our hides are all purchased from USA Tanners/Distributers, we work with a wide array of different leathers: Moose, Bison/Buffalo, Bull, Finished Cowhides, Elk, Deer, Calf, Lamb, Shark, Stingray, Sheep and Rabbit.


  • The leather ranges in thickness from 3oz to 10oz.

  • Our normal fall thickness is 1/2: however we also offer 1/4",3/4" and 1" if requested. 

  • Fall Length also can vary, our most common lengths are 16" - 20", need something shorter or longer just ask.

  • How "moppy"  the flogger is also can vary, our flogger often range from 20-40 falls and can be made lighter or heavier upon request.

  • Firmness of the leather is largely determined by the type of leather, the tanning method  leading to the final finished effect. Because we carry a wide variety of hides you can find something very soft and sensual to something with a nasty ass bite!! (pun intended)

  • Enough about the leather, lets move on to the handles. All of our flogger handles are hand turned from hardwoods. We do not have a standard design because no two pieces of wood are the same. Handle lengths and diameters vary because human hands also vary. Our designs can be finger floggers to extended lengths.

What does this mean?

Unless you are purchasing a Florentine set, know that

you are the owner of a truly

one of  kind work of art!

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